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Bengali Girls Don’t: Based on a True Story (Memoirs of a Muslim Daughter)

Bengali Girls Don’t: Based on a True Story (Memoirs of a Muslim Daughter)

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Bengali Girls Don't: Based on a True Story (Memoirs of a Muslim Daughter)

Bengali Girls Don't: Based on a True Story (Memoirs of a Muslim Daughter)

Praise for Bengali Girls Don't

"I've laughed, cried and relived some of my past through your words. Painfully beautiful."
-- Summer Yasmin, writer and blogger at TwoMangoes.com  

"Wow! Bengali Girls DO . . . realize the American Dream, that is. It's a money-plot with everything desirable in it, tears and laughter and a wonderful ending."
-- André Jute, author of STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress

"Your book looks great."
 -- Anjali Banerjee, author of Imaginary Men and Invisible lives
"I like the style. Interesting the way she moves backward, forward. I like it."
-- Don Bruns, author of Too Much stuff and Jamaica Blue 

"What an interesting--sometimes near tragic--life. The US of A really is a place where dreams can come true . . ."
-- Alan Nayes, author of Gargoyles and The Unnatural 

"Thank you so much L.A. for sharing your brave story - - thanks for creating awareness!"
--Pamala Kennedy Chestnut, author of More Than Rice

Overview of Bengali Girls Don't:

Tells a triumphant story of a young woman achieving her own personal freedom after enduring years of oppression. You will travel with Luky to Bangladesh and England (and back again) while experiencing her painful journeys and betrayal by those closest to her. Her experiences will provoke an emotional response that causes the reader to rally behind Luky. --Nicole Renguso, Hillsborough County Chair at The Children's Movement of Florida

A modern day Cinderella story about the author Luky and her incredible journey from her birth during Bangladesh's liberation war to the present. Her desperation to be a 'normal teenager' turned into a nightmare when she was betrayed by her parents and forced into an arranged marriage with an older man at age 15. My heart ached when I read what horrendous conditions she endured. Her descriptive writing had me visualizing everything she suffered through. I was amazed at Luky's strength and determination she used to survive each day in the hope of one day being home again. This is one story that will forever be etched in my mind and heart. --Maureen Ruehl 

5 out of 5 stars

"Your story has touched too many strings on my Heart and Soul, too many familiar cords. I need to breathe it all in and EXHALE. Let's just say your story has touched me. Yes some tears, yes some anger, and yes many smiles. I guess that's the definition of as they Aussie's say a GOOD READ."
-- Kevin Barrett 

"I have had every emotion reading this book, from crying when her mom left her to anger with her being beaten . . . to loving the part with her grandmother and her talking about the fridge and washer and dryer - - LOL! best part - - she sounds like she was a wonderful person. So glad Luky's life is what she wants it to be now."
-- Jessica Cowart, full time mother and wife 

More Praise . . .

"Despite all the struggles she went through in life, she still managed out strong! My god, she metamorphosed into a fabulous individual."
-- Rajesh Unnithan

"Her story will break your heart and at the same time you'll be thankful for the life you've had."
-- Rick Willard

"Really shows the other side and view of things that many people take for granted."
-- Alamin Hahs, lawyers without borders

"Would make a great movie."
-- Jlynn Evol
If you enjoyed The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri or Bricklane by Monica Ali, you are going to love Bengali Girls Don't!

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