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Three Thousand Miles for a Wish

Three Thousand Miles for a Wish

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Three Thousand Miles for a Wish

Three Thousand Miles for a Wish


Reader reaction:
'Wow'. 'A rare masterpiece'. 'Mindblowing'. 'Probably the most amazing book I have ever read'. 'You have given so much to the world and to me'. 'A true awakening'. 'An amazing journey'. 'There is not a book like it'. 'Truly inspirational'. 'A gripping and powerful read'. 'Gives you a whole new meaning on life'. 'Definitely a page-turner'. 'Mesmerizing.' 'Incredible. I want my children to read it when they grow older'.

What would you do if your whole world came crashing down?

Broken promises of love. Deceits of life. Safiya is deep in despair and nearing self-destruction. But a chance opportunity to escape suicidal misery beckons her.

Millions said 'it is the land of wishes'. Mecca - Saudi Arabia. Millions said 'it is a life changing journey'. Hajj - the pilgrimage.

England to Arabia. Thrown into garments resembling a death shroud she embarks on the Hajj and enters the spellbinding world of ancient Islamic practices. To save herself. Alongside three million foreign and unpredictable pilgrims she makes her weeping wish in the celestial palace of Mecca. She camps with Ethiopian peasants and Arab Kings, faces the supernatural in the deserts and catches a spine-chilling glimpse of the end of the world. She uncovers love for a man she has never met and hatred for a hidden enemy. She risks her life for a fleeting obsession and steps into a perilous ritual where others had been killed.

But will her wish come true? Or will it end badly?

Three Thousand Miles for a Wish is a deeply moving, mystical and powerful story of a young woman's real-life quest for happiness. It captures the soul with remarkable potency as it takes the reader, in a way never done before, on 'the greatest trip on earth.'

More information: please visit threethousandmilesforawish.co.uk/

(30% of proceeds go to charity)

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